1. Lindy

    This is something I needed to read! With a small child of my own, I’m amazed at what he catches onto. So important to lead by example💙

    • melissa

      I’m glad that the post touched you today. Little ears hear and model far more than what we realize. Thank you for reading and commenting! God bless!

  2. Great points we have to remember… my children are a bit older now, and I know that my attitude also makes a difference….there’s no pretending here… Christ must be real in my life…they know the difference..so it’s important to have my daily devotions.

    • melissa

      Our actions are such a larger example than our words about how they should be behaving! Thank you for reading and commenting! God bless!

  3. Wow! Luke 17:1-3…. heavy and convicting! Also… “We are to present to everyone around us with the fruit of the Spirit characteristics and though we are to live in this world we are not to be of it.” Everyone! Even our children. This strikes a chord inside me…we have busy days, weeks, weekends and times where we don’t put God first. Thank you for speaking to my spirit with this word! Thank God, for His grace. I will be better!

    • melissa

      I’m so glad the post spoke to you Katie! We all can get better in certain areas of our life to be more like Christ and bring out more of the fruits of the Spirit characteristics. Thank you for reading and commenting! God bless!

  4. My continued prayer is that the things my children pick up from me are Christ-centered. Thank you for this reminder once again that they are always watching and it is my job as their mother to show my struggles and my faith.

  5. Wow, Luke 17:1-3 and Romans 14:13 are similar in a way. Don’t cause someone to sin or you’re worse off than the sinner, and don’t put a stumbling block to someone as far as Jesus is concerned. Two good ones to heed…as well as the others you share. Thank you.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

    • melissa

      I thought the same thing. The graveness of those scriptures reminds me how powerful our examples can be – both good and bad. We are called to be the light so others don’t stumble! Thank you for reading and commenting! God bless!

  6. Hey Melissa! I am stopping by from the RaRa Linkup! What a great post! We always need to be reminded that we lead by example!
    I saw that you write about adoption and attachment disorders. I will be stopping back by to read more as I have a son who we adopted through foster care.

    • melissa

      Congratulations Emily! Please check out the posts and let me know if you have any questions or would like any further recommendations! I have a special place in my heart for families who have adopted. God bless!

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