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WELCOME TO HUMBLE FAITH FAMILY WELLNESS! My name is Melissa. I am a Christian mental health therapist, a wife, and a mom of two pretty neat kids. My clients come from all walks of life and are on various paths in their pursuit to know Jesus. I have been a therapist for 8 years. I work with children and adolescence, families, and married couples. My areas of experience include: anxiety and depression, attachment disorders, trauma, autism, military service men and their families, marital issues, parent education, self-esteem, and grief. My hope for this blog site is that it meets you exactly where you are! Everyone has their own unique pasts and issues to overcome.

Recent Posts from the Blog

I Don’t NEED My Husband

I Don’t NEED My Husband

I Don’t NEED My Husband At first glance that sounds like such a terrible statement. I love my husband. He truly is my favorite person on this Earth. He has been an amazing support through me getting a master’s degree and moving states twice because of my career. Marriage with to him is easy. He’s […]

Dear Daughter, Perfection isn’t Attainable

Dear Daughter, Perfection isn’t Attainable

Dear Daughter, Perfection isn’t Attainable Perfection gets discussed a lot in referencing sin and behaviors. Yet we seem to be lagging a bit in terms of helping our daughters understand that physical perfection isn’t attainable either. Everywhere you look there are images of beautiful women. Perfect skin, makeup, and hair. Perfect bodies and proportions. It’s […]

The Importance of Vulnerability in Your Marriage

The Importance of Vulnerability in Your Marriage

The definition of vulnerability, according to Merriam-Webster is to open oneself up to potential attack, harm, and danger. To be easily hurt or harmed physically, mentally or emotionally. That doesn’t sound like a very smart thing to willing do, right? Except in marriage we are to come together so that two can become one. We […]


  • Testimonial

    I really love reading Melissa’s posts and how she ties God’s Word to the everyday struggles of our life.
    God bless ~ Diana Abe


  • Testimonial

    This is the most AMAZING resource for managing family relationships and mommy challenges! I have mentored trouble children in the foster-system, and honestly wish I had this wealth of information available all the years of my involvement. I am grateful for Melissa’s heart, and willingness to share and be a part of the solution, for our families, both average, and hurting….. ~ Tammy Dunlap


  • Testimonial

    This ministry is important for a couple of reasons: Firstly, the advice here is always spot-on. Reasonable and wise, Melissa knows what she is talking about. Secondly, I feel she demystifies family therapy, which in turn encourages people to reach out and receive the help they need. I nominated her for the Liebster award because I feel her blog is excellently conceived and written. ~ Alice Mills


  • Testimonial

    Melissa’s advice is as practical as it is faith-filled. Being in addiction ministry, I sometimes find that marriage advice is not applicable to my audience but her wisdom is so grounded that anyone can take from it and use it- in any situation! As a mom, I so appreciate her advice on children and parenting. One of my favorites is, “How to disagree” from, “It’s Healthy to Disagree in Front of your Children”. My parents never (ever) argued (ever!) so until adulthood, I always had the wrong assumption that relationships were supposed to be conflict-free! I highly recommend checking out her resources list as well. Fantastic blog! ~ Leah Grey 


  • Testimonial

    Melissa’s Godly wisdom and experience are woven into everything she shares. Her knowledge and heart for helping families and children are amazing. She is a wonderful resource for parents! I highly recommend following or bookmarking her website– you’ll want to keep coming back! ~ Lindsey Zitzmann


What You Can Expect From Humble Faith Family Wellness

Humble Faith Family Wellness was created to provide Christian tips and tidbits for all areas of your life.  And to ultimately glorify God. I pray that you find the content informative, thought provoking, and encouraging!


The Self-Reflection section is all about ways to become closer connected to God. Primarily these posts focus on finding our identity is Christ and understanding our worth through Him.


The devotional section addresses specific topics to pray and contemplate on using God’s word as our guide.


The marriage section has topics with the focus on keeping your marriage strong and God centered. Marriage has dropped in importance in our current culture and that is problematic for us, our families and our society.

Parenting Tips

The parenting section you will find advice based off of my experience as a mental health therapist as well as rooted in God’s Word.

Attachment Issues

This section is devoted to better understanding of attachment issues. This topic is close to my heart.  I have worked with hundreds of children and families who have struggled to understand how past trauma can and does affect the child. This is an important section for anyone who is looking to foster and/or adopt.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness focuses on nutrition and physical wellness information from a Christian point of view. I share some of my own personal struggles on this topic.

Book Reviews

I write book reviews on various Christian living books so you can be more informed as whether the book will be beneficial for you and your relationship with God.


The link-ups page are all of the different places that I share my posts throughout the week. These sites allow bloggers the ability to connect and build friendship. It also allows readers the opportunity to see a compilation of posts from various writers.


The resources page has recommendations of products that I have read or used myself and in my family. As well as products that I have recommended to my clients over the years.

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