• melissa

      It is definitely an important distinction to make! It helps us to know how to better ourselves as well as how to grow in faith. Thank you for reading and commenting! God bless!

  1. This is too uncanny! I just wrote a rough draft post on Job yesterday! When I publish it, I will try to remember to link to this post because it really applies to it:). I love, by the way, how you provided examples of trials in various areas of our lives (athletics, medicine, military). We are really able to grasp the importance of trials and how, especially in a Christian sense, they help us to grow in Christ!

    • melissa

      We must just be destined to be blogging friends! 🙂 Thank you for the kind words and I look forward to reading your post when it publishes! God bless!

  2. Hi Melissa

    I took the time to read “Living in the Word – Prayer Devotional for Trials”.

    It was encouraging; educational and Biblical.

    Thank you!

    I like your title ‘Living in the Word’ – it got me thinking about how good I am at doing just that?

    Perhaps this particular blog post was just what I needed to read this Sunday afternoon?
    After reading your blog post, I thought for a while about what you said about the purpose of testing medicine, devices etc.

    The story of Job has always fascinated me; I’m sure I would have given up – but he didn’t.
    Your point on who caused the suffering in the story of Job is crucial; although not so much mentioned.

    We have a fantastic God. He knows what’s best for us and he’ll not give us a bigger burden than we can lift.

    Those are some great Bible verses you’ve included, especially Romans 5:3 because it’s a reminder of what comes from suffering when we’re on the other side of it.

    Thank you for sharing your views with us; looking forward to reading your next blog post.

    I’ll share on Social Media channels Tuesday, November 7.

    Edna Davidsen

    • melissa

      Thank you Edna! I think I wrote this post for myself just as much as everyone else. Trials, by nature of what they are, are hard! It can be easy to give up if it is only focused on as hard BUT if we can keep in mind the benefit of them, it can help us lean into God more and strive to persevere! Thank you for reading and your thoughtful comments. God bless!

  3. Had never looked at it that way as your opening statements. Trials are done to perfect medicines. We do have daily trials to perfect us as Jesus imagined and intended for our lives. So enjoyed reading your sharing today about trails and discipline. I enjoyed the book of Job and rooted for him not to fail God’s expectations of him, and was glad he stood the tests and his discipline was in place. There is lots of teaching in the book of Job. His neighbors thought that he had sinned or some sin brought on his trials and misfortunes, but is a reminder that we never know what is actually going on in another’s life. Thank you for sharing such great insights for this Sunday.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles ~ Sunday Scripture Blessings

    • melissa

      Job is a hard book to read at times because we have empathy for him! I can’t fathom enduring the trials he did and still remain faithful. None of us can answer why some people seem to have trials pile up against them but we can remain firm in our knowledge that God is good and wants us to ask for His help! Thank you for reading and commenting! God bless!

  4. Such wise words today, Melissa. We must not think of all our trials as punishment from an unforgiving Lord. Unbelievers often try to make that argument against our faith. When going through tough times, I try to remind myself that I’m getting spiritual exercise!

    • melissa

      And just like physical exercise you are always happy you endured it when it’s over! Thank you for reading and commenting! God bless!

  5. Romans 8:18
    “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” I have forgotten about this verse! It should speak to us all. So many times we forget that “trials and sufferings” make way for absolute glory and provision from our Father! I pray I never forget this truth!

    • melissa

      It is so true! We tend to focus on the pain and the discomfort of the moment but forget about the benefit following the trial as well as our eternal reward! Thank you for reading and commenting! God bless!

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