45 Gritty Christian Songs to motivate your Weightlifting Session

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45 Gritty Christian Songs to motivate your Weightlifting Session

I like lifting weights. There is a sense of accomplishment every time I’m able to increase my weight or complete a couple more reps. I enjoy seeing definition to my muscles and marveling at God’s creation of our body.

Lifting weights is also one of the only times that I enjoy listening to rap music. It’s gritty, it’s hard and it gets my adrenaline pumping. However, most rap music is riddled with cuss words and glorifying a negative way of life. The following songs are just as hard hitting but talk about how the grace of God has kept them from falling into darkness. You can’t help but get pumped up.

1. Derek Minor – Change the World

2. Lecrae – All I Need is You

3. Trip Lee  – Lazarus 

4. Canon – Motivation (feat. Social Club)

5. Andy Mineo – the Saints

6. KB – Undefeated

7. NF – Oh Lord

8. Thi’sl – King without a Crown

9. Lecrae – Nuthin

10. Da’ T.r.u.t.h. – I Made it

11. TobyMac – Til the Day I Die (feat. NF)

12. Tedashii – Darker Days, Darker Nights

13. KB  – Doubts

14. Andy Mineo – You Will

15. KJ-52 – Game Face

16. NF – Wait

17. Lecrae – Background

18. Derek Minor – Save Me

19. Trip Lee – Sweet Victory

20. Tedashii – Nothing I Can’t Do

21. KB – Church Clap

22. Black Knight – No Limits

23. Lecrae – Say I Won’t

24. Bizzle – One Way

25. Trip Lee – I’m Good

26. Andy Mineo – Tug of War

27. Lecrae – The Fever

28. Tedashii – Perfect

29. KB – Sideways

30. Trip Lee – Lights On

31. Lecrae – Round of Applause

32. Tedashii – Catch me if you can

33. Marty – The One with My Friends

34. Flame (CCM) – Start Over

35. KJ-52 – That was my Life

36. Thi’sl – What are we Fighting For

37. Derek Minor – Look at Me Now

38. Bizzle – No Hate

39. V. Rose – Take a Broken Heart (feat. Derek Minor)

40. Da’ T.R.U.T.H. – Heartbeat

41. Sho Barak – Me, Myself, and I

42. Flame – On That Cross

43. Dre Murray – Say What I Feel

44. Andy Mineo – Young

45. Lecrae – I’ll Find You (feat. Tori Kelly)

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God Bless,

Melissa Gendreau

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