20 Mother-Son Dates to Increase Connection


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20 Mother-Son Dates to Increase Connection

The connection between a mother and a son is important. A mom is her son’s first love. She shows him the qualities of a woman that he may search for in his own wife. One-on-one time between a mom and a son should be special and memorable.

Cook a meal together

A mother and son cooking together is a great opportunity to build connection. Mom, it would be a positive experience whether you are a whiz in the kitchen or struggle to make eggs. Find a recipe that is a family favorite or look up recipes that match your family ancestry.

Go to the theatre

I took my son (age 7) to Peter Pan this Spring and he loved it. The theatre is an opportunity to see stories come to life and the ability to experience it together. The date would be the opportunity for mothers and sons to get dressed up together and to experience an environment of classic etiquette and refinement.

Dress up and go out to dinner

A mother-son dinner date is a great way to allow your son to play the role of gentleman. So graciously let him open the door for you because you are special to him! Pick a restaurant that he’s never been to before and allow him to order. The process of ordering reinforces social skills and builds confidence. Also, mom’s, ensure you are reminding your son of proper manners during dinner.

Go to a drive-in movie

There are not many drive-in movie theaters around anymore but take the opportunity if you can find one! There is something special about watching a movie outside on a Summer night. Your son will have fun and think he’s special that he gets to stay out late with mom.  So don’t forget to pack lawn chairs and splurge on some popcorn and candy!

Go to an art museum

The art museum would be an opportunity to expose your son to beauty and hard work. Some of the pieces may have taken years to complete. Make sure you take time to wander around the various galleries and experience the different time periods and genres. An added bonus would be for mother and son to both bring a notebook to write down favorite pieces.

Take a mother-son dance class

A mother-son dance class again allows your son to take the role of date for the day. In couple dancing, the male generally leads the female. The role of lead is to guide but also to showcase the talents of his partner. So what a great reinforcement for your son in how to appropriately treat a lady. And remember, a dance class is meant to be fun! Don’t worry moms if you’ve never danced in your life!

Play mini-golf

Miniature golf would give mothers and sons the opportunity for a little competition but still some relaxed time together. Often mini-golf is the combination of skill and luck. The score can change drastically from one hole to the next. What a great reminder in life! Be humble during the hole-in-one because the next hole you may be fishing your ball from the water!

Bake and decorate cookies

Sometimes moms overlook their sons when it comes to requesting a baking buddy. Time in the kitchen to bake and decorate can be a great time of connection and enjoyment even for boys. Different than cooking, baking often requires more precision in measuring the ingredients so it can be a good lesson as well. But please don’t nitpick your son about the decorating! Let him go a little heavy handed with the frosting and the sprinkles. This process should be just for the two of you!

Go to the symphony

Like the theatre and the art museum, the symphony showcases how hard work pays off and gives way to beauty. Classical music may not be your son’s (or yours) listening preference, however, it can be a wonderful experience. See if he can pick out the sounds of specific instruments or ask him the mood of the music.

Have lunch in a cafe or coffee shop

Take the time to hunt for a quaint cafe or coffee shop you and your son have never been to before. Soak up the character of the restaurant and find a little corner to share some time together. Sons want to feel special, too, and carving out time to catch-up and spend time together can build great connection. Moms, you may be surprised by the depth of your son’s conversation.

Go bowling

Like miniature golf, bowling offers relaxed competition. Bowling is relatively inexpensive and allows for conversation during the game, too.  Moms, even if you’ve never donned the mismatched shoes in your life, have fun and enjoy an afternoon with your son! Bumpers optional!

Have a picnic lunch

Take the time to pack a picnic lunch with some of your son’s favorite food. Research an out of the way park or forest and relax with your son outside. The outdoors often are a great setting for connection and help everyone to feel alive. Remember to bring along a Frisbee or ball to toss around and leave your electronics at home!

Hunt for agates

Agates are rocks that on the outside don’t necessarily look like much but once polished and/or broke apart are unique and beautiful. A joint adventure of searching and seeking for agates would build connection and may startup a new hobby for your son (or you)!

Go to a specialty chocolate shop

The aroma of a specialty chocolate shop is as about as close to heaven as one can get on earth! In my opinion, the collection of chocolate behind the glass cases is a work of art in its own right. Let your son pick one or two pieces of chocolate and allow him time to choose his selection. Then, make sure you take your time enjoying each bite. Boys often are high energy or off running around so encourage him to eat slowly. Ask him questions about the texture and taste of the chocolate. See if he can let a small bite of chocolate melt in his mouth. Remind him that sometimes things in life are worth slowing down for. Like taking mother-son time.

Go bike-riding

Sons are often made for adventure and taking the time to experience the adventure with him is a great way to build connection. Take the time to map out your course so you know the distance you and your son are taking on. If one or both of you are novices to bike-riding, don’t try to take on too long of a ride that it becomes too grueling to enjoy. Bring along water and some snacks for stops along the way.

Have a breakfast date

Start the day with your son over the most important meal of the day.  Take your son to a cute breakfast cafe, Ihop, or make breakfast in your own kitchen. The focus of this date is for moms to make it known for their sons that you want to start your day with him! Talk about what adventures are planned for the rest of the day or give him a pep-talk for his math test. Either way, sons want to feel loved and thought about, too.

Go out for ice cream

Ice cream is pretty simple and often inexpensive but definitely a treat! A mother-son ice cream treat can build connection especially when it is out of the blue. Often ice cream is connected to a reward or to fix a bad day but let your son know you want to go for ice cream with him just because he’s your son and you are blessed to be his mom!

Go to the zoo

Take a trip to the zoo and explore the wild animals! Allow yourself to be a bit imaginative and pretend you and your son are going on a safari! Make sure you each get to visit your favorite animals and even talk about which animal you think describes your personality the best.

Visit an animal shelter

An animal shelter is a great place to reinforce empathy and build connection with your son. Some shelters allow the petting and holding of the animals to give them some love and cuddles. Moms, make sure you let your son know you are not coming home with a new family member so you don’t have a battle while at the shelter.

Go hiking

Like bike-riding, hiking is a great opportunity to go on an adventure with your son. Again, make sure you research and map out your destination so you know how far you are going and so you don’t get lost. Pack plenty of water and snacks and rain gear may not be a bad idea either! Make sure the shoes you are wearing are comfortable and have been worn in a little so neither of you get blisters.  The only thing you and your son want to be focusing on is the great outdoors and each other!

I hope you enjoy the above activities and use it as a jumping off point to building an increased connection with your son! Make sure you check out my other lists as well: 20 Mother-Daughter Dates, 20 Father-Son Outings, and 20 Father-Daughter Dates.

God Bless,

Melissa Gendreau


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14 comments on “20 Mother-Son Dates to Increase Connection

    • It is pretty fun! My son takes great pride in knowing he helped make our meal! It really is the little things that help our kids feel connected to us! Thank you for reading and commenting. God bless!

  1. Totally agree with this!!!! I am a mom of all boys and the bond is SO special- something to be cherished for sure. I love that you said “a mom is a boys first love”- that’s beautiful and totally how I feel they look at me. They range in age but each one needs their own special time and attention. Love this!

    • I’m sure they do love spending time with you! I get to have some one-on-one with my son this Saturday which feels long overdue. Thank you for reading and commenting! God bless!

    • Add in some coffee and I would be in heaven, too! My son loves when I climb up on his top bunk and debrief with him about his day.

  2. I love all of these wonderful ideas and I can’t wait to put some of these to good use. I am pretty sure my son would love hunting agates, so that will be our next mother/son date for sure!

    • That’s cute! My son likes to help me meal plan, write the grocery items needed, and the man the list while we are in the store to make sure we got everything! Thank you for reading and commenting! God bless!

    • I have a list for mother-daughters, too you should check out! My 8 year old son helped me compile the list! He’s a sweetheart! Thank you for reading and commenting! God bless!

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