20 Mother-Daughter Dates to Increase Connection


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20 Mother-Daughter Dates to Increase Connection

The connection between a mother and a daughter is a special one. Daughters look to moms as their role model in all aspects of life. A mom shows a daughter how to be a mom, a wife, and a friend by the example she presents (both positively and negatively). It is important to cultivate this relationship in everyday life as well as with some special one-on-one time.

Take a mother/daughter dance class

We tell our daughters to be confident and love themselves however they need to see us doing that, too. A dance class promotes body awareness, grace, and self-love. The opportunity to move our bodies is a freeing and energizing experience that would be opportunity to connect with your daughter.

Take a pottery class

Pottery allows the person to create something beautiful with their own hands. There is something amazing about feeling the clay between your fingers. This would be a great activity to reinforce for your daughter that little movements and reactions can have large effects.

Make jewelry

Grab a jewelry making kit or even sign up for classes at a craft store. Jewelry is an expression of personality and style. This would be a fun experience for mother and daughter to see what each other make and/or help each other create their pieces.

Cook a meal

Mom’s may be great cooks or new to the kitchen, too, but the process of following a recipe together creates connection. Even better would be the ability to pass down a family recipe if you have one or look up some recipes that were common to your family ancestry.

Take a painting class

Like pottery, painting allows you to create beauty through your imagination and ability. Most cities have rotating painting classes in various venues or search local art studios to find times.

Go to the theatre

A person’s first live theatre experience feels majestic. So a mother and daughter going together will help to create a memory that will center around beauty and connection. An added bonus would be if you and your daughter attended a play, a musical, an opera, and a ballet. It would be fun to process which genre was your favorite once you have attended one of each. Clearly the added bonus may take some time to complete!

Dress up and go out to dinner

Girls love to dress up and the opportunity to get fancy with mom becomes an added bonus. When you add a restaurant that your daughter has never been to before (even if it’s not fancy) then you create an experience for her of being special and loved. It is recommended that mom’s encourage their daughters to order for themselves at dinner because this will, for one, teach her manners and confidence, as well as increase her experience.

Watch 80’s-90’s chick flicks

Oh my, there are so many great ones! Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Say Anything, Sleepless in Seattle, Some Kind of Wonderful, Dirty Dancing, Top Gun, Pretty Woman, Titanic, You’ve Got Mail, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Bed of Roses, City of Angels, and Jerry Maguire are a few of my favorite. So getting to watch some of your favorite from this list or others with your daughter will increase connection. Don’t forget the popcorn and tissues!

Go to an art museum

The art museum is collection unique beauty and talent that can be a great reminder for your daughter (and you). Because no two painting is alike and yet still beautiful in its own right. Each painting has its own story to share so take your time browsing.  As an added, each bring a small notebook to take notes of various works of art that touch you.  And/or comment which painting describes your personality the best.  You may be impressed at the thought and depth you get from your daughter.

Bake and decorate cookies

Baking and decorating cookies with mom is a timeless memory for most women. Again, whether you are a master baker or barely know how to turn on the oven, the opportunity to create, share, and eat can build enjoyable connection. As a note, please don’t nitpick your daughter about the decorations. Whatever you bake should not be for some other special occasion. Because there’s no need to add pressure for it to look a certain way. This project is just for the two of you and if there is leftovers then maybe you can share with the rest of the family. Maybe.

Go horseback riding

Most girls go through a phase of loving horses and dreaming of getting to ride them. The opportunity to take a horseback riding lesson or go on a trail ride will be special for your daughter.  And it will increase the experience if you climb on the back of black beauty as well!

Have lunch in a cafe or coffee shop

There is something enjoyable about a quaint little cafe or coffee shop to create an intimate interaction between mothers and daughters. Take your daughter to one of your favorite little places or experience a new place together. Try to avoid the major chain places so you can experience the character of an independent shop. Let the lunch linger. Take time to browse the local art of the wall or flip through the books and/or items together. Again, the message to your daughter is simplistic intimacy and the fact that you want to spend time with her.

Take a mother-daughter self-defense class

Okay, so this one may come across as vastly different from the others on the list, however, it doesn’t make it any less important in creating connection with your daughter. Unfortunately we live in a broken world with people who may want to harm you or your daughter and it is important for you both to recognize that. By a mom taking a daughter to a self-defense class it shows her that she is loved and her safety is important. Self-defense classes also focus on situational awareness. So the hope is that you and/or your daughter don’t get into a potentially dangerous situation but, if you do, you are capable of protecting yourself.

Go to the symphony

Like the theatre, the symphony is majestic and emotional to experience. Even if instrumental music is not generally your or your daughter’s cup of tea, I encourage you to try to allow the music to move you. As and added bonus, I would recommend mom’s take the time with your daughter to discuss which piece you both liked and why. The ability to process your experience and compare/contrast your interests will increase the connection of the date.

Take an etiquette class

Etiquette and manners has become a lost art. Proper etiquette was about presenting yourself in a classy and ladylike manner. The result of etiquette classes for girls was to then transition to becoming viewed as a lady. The benefits of an etiquette class with your daughter is to learn and role model for her how to carry oneself with grace and confidence. And it may be fun to practice walking with a book on your head! In a world that is encouraging sassy it is important to foster classy.

Have a picnic lunch

Being outdoors is a great way to build connection with your daughter. Add a blanket and yummy snacks and the result is a great date. I would also recommend bringing some books, notebooks, and/or sketch pads to enjoy the peace and quiet. And remember, leave the electronic devices at home. It can be too easy to pick them up and start scrolling through and miss the opportunity to enjoy nature with your daughter.

Visit an arboretum

Most cities will have an arboretum for you and your daughter to be able to wander through the gardens and flowers. The beauty and smell of the flowers showcase the femininity of our world. Take your time and truly look at the intricacies of the flowers and the color patterns on the petals. And remember, these flowers are a small sampling of God’s art gallery. An arboretum can also be a great lesson for your daughter in the unique beauty of each flower just like her (and you)!

Go to a tea house

Every little girl at sometime or another has pretended to have a tea party. So give your daughter (and you) the chance to experience a real life version. You and your daughter may have to travel a bit to find a tea house but there are some great ones set up in old Victorian house’s around the country. Some tea houses even offer tours to showcase the home. Take your time together and enjoy the beauty and design of house all the way down to the linens and china.

Get a pedicure

Getting pampered every once in a while feels pretty great. Mothers and daughters can either go to a salon to get their tootsies touched or you can go the cheaper route and do each other’s piggies. I would actually suggest doing each other’s pedicures to increase the intimacy and connection of the date. And just like decorating the dessert items, please don’t nitpick the quality of your daughter’s abilities. The point of the interaction is to spend time together and the added bonus is the pampering.

Go to a specialty chocolate shop

Walking into a specialty chocolate shop as the aroma of the sweets hits your nose is a bit like heaven (or at least what I hope heaven is like)! And getting to watch your daughter pick out a couple sweets from the glass cases can be just as sweet. Allow yourself time so neither of you is rushed in picking out your piece(s) of chocolate. Once your purchases have been made, take your time while eating. Master the art of nibbling! Good chocolate has wonderful texture and complex tastes. So show your daughter how to slow down and enjoy the treat. There should be absolutely no talk about calories or how bad the treats are for you. One piece of chocolate (even two) is not going to ruin your diet or your figure.

The hope is to create a positive connection with each other and reinforce positive self-love (in each of you) with the above date suggestions! Please check out my similar posts for 20 Mother-Son Dates, 20 Father-Daughter Dates, and 20 Father-Son Outings.

God Bless,

Melissa Gendreau


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10 comments on “20 Mother-Daughter Dates to Increase Connection

  1. This is wonderful. I have three daughters that are growing up so very fast. We have done a couple of these, but thank you for more ideas. I think our favorite has been going to a tea house. We have gone for Christmas tea a few times and it’s always fun to dress up and wear fancy hats 🙂

    • My daughter and I haven’t gone to a formal tea house yet but we’ve had our fair share of tea parties in our 3-seasons room! We still get dressed up and invite various stuffed animals. The last time I let her pick out a bouquet of flowers for the table. I’m glad you enjoyed the extra ideas! God bless!

  2. What great ideas, Melissa! I’ve been neglecting to do something with my only daughter for a couple months. I think we’re going to go prom dress shopping!

    • That would be so fun! My daughter is only five but she’s everything girl. Last night we was wanting me to help her name her future children and asked if I would help her find a husband who loves her like my husband loves me! <3 Enjoy prom dress shopping! God bless!

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