1. Oddly, this skillful living is something I’m learning from my growing-up kids. We’ve homeschooled since kindergarten, but when it comes time for my boys to finally ride a bus in high school so they can attend vocational school in a nearby town, they are encountering “the world and all that dwells therein” on the bus. So far, they’ve been very matter of fact about setting boundaries, being themselves, and not being intimidated by the clash of cultures that is represented in this new setting. I love it! And I’m learning from them!
    Thanks for this great post!

    • melissa

      We homeschool too. I also love that since we have done our best to provide a solid foundation based on God’s word and instill the skill of critical thinking, they also set boundaries and are comfortable with who they are! Thank you for reading and commenting! God bless!

    • Fellow homeschool mom here. Our kids teach us so much don’t they? I was amazed even when they were little what they taught me…now, I’m blown away! (ages 21, 18, graduates this year, 16 and 11)

  2. Beautiful Melissa. You reminded me of my younger days, a new babe in Christ. For a while, I still hung out with some of my old friends, I didn’t drink alcohol for a few years after I was saved, they noticed. But it wasn’t only that I didn’t drink anymore, they could see something different in me.

    “And I will be more than willing to share that message with them when they are ready!”

    Oh yes! I love this. Personally, I’ve waited for years to share the Gospel with some because the timing was never right.

    • melissa

      Thank you! Sometimes people are ready much quicker than others to receive the gospel message but continued love, kindness, and gentleness will help get them there faster! Thank you for reading and commenting! God Bless!

  3. I think knowing your boundaries is SUCH a key factor here. It is the same as knowing your weaknesses, your thorns in your side…we know what we struggle with and we can choose to give those things a wide berth. It does us no good to toe the line, just to see. I believe Jesus doesn’t want us in the throes of temptation all the time. He wants it to be simpler and gives us His prayers to cover us with peace.

    • melissa

      I agree there is no need to toe the line! There are some things better left alone and avoided. Thank you for reading and commenting! God Bless!

  4. I so agree. I find that many people are already inoculated from receiving the Gospel because of well-meaning but insensitive Christians. Our job is to be salt and light, not force feeders. I am able to share my testimonies with people who are not Christians because I have a relationship first and never push their boundaries.

    • melissa

      It is tremendously sad how many people have been turned away from Christ because of His very people. Truth in love is how we are called to interact with people. Thank you for reading and commenting! God Bless!

  5. Great post! I think one of the greatest ways to win others to Christ is to show them how different your life is with Him. We can and should respond to joys and tragedies much differently than the unsaved world because we have an eternal vision. We can and should have different marriages and families and friendships because we know the love of Christ and have the Holy Spirit. I love the reminder to show the fruits of the Spirit at all times! Pinning to share with others 🙂

    • melissa

      Thank you! I’m glad the post resonated with you! It is an important balance to achieve. Live by God’s word and at the same time be His salt and light without presenting as pious. Thank you for reading and commenting! God Bless!

  6. Knowing boundaries is what truly spoke to me! We all have areas of weakness and therefore times when temptation rears its ugly head. It is best to be aware of the devices of Satan, so when you are tempted, you know exactly how God will help you escape. Great post!

    • melissa

      Thank you! Sometimes we believe we are strong enough and have enough will-power or self-control in all situations but our own strength will only carry us so far. It is better to flee or avoid the situation than be around temptation. Thank you for reading and commenting! God Bless!

    • melissa

      It is definitely a combination. We can’t strive if we don’t maintain our boundaries! Thank you for reading and commenting! God Bless!

  7. Amen. Amen. Everyday I teaching myself to pray for God’s will in my life. I want to live for Him and through His blueprint. I have been thinking about how we never put God in our equations when looking for solutions to our problems Yet He is the solution

    • melissa

      He is absolutely the solution! We won’t go wrong when we live by His standards! Thank you for reading and commenting! God Bless!

  8. Knowing that Christ prayed for our protection from the evil that surrounds us is breathtakingly wonderful! Because the fact is our nation is getting more and more evil and unrestrained. All we need to do is shut off the world and yield to God and His Word to rise above the evil.

    • melissa

      And it can be such a difficult balance to shut off the world to yield to God and at the same time have to participate in the world through jobs and attempting to bring others to His kingdom as well! Thank you for reading and commenting! God Bless!

  9. My walk with Christ requires daily forgiveness and lots of prayers. Being an example, by responding with love, kindness, and compassion even when the world proclaims nothing but evil and hate.

    • melissa

      This is so true. The only way we are going to guide to hearts of others towards our Lord is to respond to them with love, kindness, and compassion! Thank you for reading and commenting. God Bless!

    • melissa

      It is Christ’s example. Sometimes we forget that and become judgmental of the people around us. I pray to work towards being more Christ-like daily. Thank you for reading and commenting! God Bless!

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