1. I love the title of your post. I think where people get a little “over the edge” is when they don’t teach their boys that there is a “time and a place” as you said. Being a mom of boys, I totally understand their need to be active and loud. It is so important to allow them to be unleashed but also self controlled. Nice!

  2. I have also seen a recent influx in adolescent boys who are struggling with anxiety! I teach the youth at my local church and this seems to be a constant battle within their minds. Very well done! Thank you for the great reminder found in Joshua 10:25!!

  3. Wow! You make some great points and wonderful insights! However, I have to say the church has done a great job of making women feel less than equal all on their own. Something Jesus never did while he walked on earth or when God created us. Maybe, if the church worked harder on teaching everyone about the dangers of not treating each other equally, we could then share that message with the world.

    • melissa

      Sheila I don’t disagree with you. The church at times has done a disservice to both women and men! That can be a post for the future! In this post I really wanted to focus on the importance of letting boys be boys and not trying to tear them down for the sake of lifting up girls. God created us to be equally important and uniquely different so truly they cannot be compared!

  4. Kristi

    This post is fantastic! It’s a sad reality that boys and men are being beat down in order to raise girls and women up.

    Great resources! I’ll have to check them out.

    • melissa

      It is a sad reality. Thank you for reading and commenting! All the books are great! We use principles from Knights in Training in our house. He enjoys the idea of becoming a knight and we teach him the code of chivalry. Wild at Heart is an amazing book for any young adult male on up. It also was a great read for me as a wife to better understand the strongholds of a man. God bless!

  5. 1. Thank you for writing this.
    2. Some of the books you’ve mentioned are really good. I would add That’s My Son to the list.
    3. The hardest part, for me as a parent, is the self control part. Just as you mentioned, schools, Sunday schools, any controlled environment… wants my son to sit still and listen as a girl might. He’s five. It’s just not gonna happen. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve had to tell, over the years, “No. He does not have ADD or ADHD…Yes, that’s the opinion of three medical professionals.”

    • melissa

      I’m so sorry for your son and for you that you have to deal with people who just don’t understand the appropriate development of boys. They are just different than girls! Thank you for the book recommendation. Thank you for reading and commenting. God bless!

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