1. I’ve always gravitated towards any type of physical activity (I can’t sit still for long lol), but I know of many that struggle to get motivated. Definitely finding an activity you enjoy makes it easier and more enjoyable!

    • melissa

      Absolutely! It’s drudgery if it feels like a must instead of a “I get to”. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! God Bless!

  2. I feel so much better physically and mentally and emotionally when I exercise. My problem is lacking the energy to exercise. When I force myself to do it, I always feel better afterward. I guess it’s self-discipline.

  3. Love this! I absolutely adored how you used so much scripture to back up what you were saying. That makes such a difference. Not just opinion – fact! These are all great ideas, and it is so true that the more we crave God the less we crave food! Thanks for a fabulous post!

    • melissa

      Aww! Thank you for such kind words! God really has provided us a marvelous blueprint on how to live this life well before getting to spend eternity with Him! God bless!

    • melissa

      Unfortunately exercise and food are my first things to start sliding when I get busy or stressed so the post is just as much a reminder for me, too! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. God bless!

    • melissa

      Exactly! Making multiple little healthy choices on a daily basis is a way to show self-discipline and obedience to God! God bless!

    • melissa

      Good for you guys! It’s amazing how just a couple of weeks can make a difference. I hope you start to notice an increase in emotional and spiritual growth as well! God bless!

    • melissa

      Absolutely! If we aren’t taking care of ourselves properly we really can’t fully care for others. Thank you for reading and commenting! God Bless!

  4. Hi Melissa!
    Just found you via Mama of Three Boys. And wow, I really appreciated this post!!

    Seems like fitness & exercise is an ongoing battle–even though I know I feel better when I do it.

    I’ve been eyeing Made to Crave… I might have to bite the bullet and just buy it. Thanks for the recommendation! 😉

    And keep up the great work!! 😀

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