1. I know our idea of an adventure as a couple is more tame, but we love to explore a new place together. It’s been awhile since we did that. But even just trying a random new restaurant can be a bonding experience. There is definitely an emotional reaction to being in a new experience together.

    • melissa

      Adventure certainly doesn’t have to be a focus on thrill seeking or risk taking! My husband and I enjoy seeking out new coffee shops. Even if we are reading out own books and sitting in silence it is connection! God Bless!

  2. Thank-you for reminding me of the importance of connecting with my husband through adventure. It’s easy to get caught up in parenting (especially when it’s the high needs of a child impacted by trauma). I’ve ready Captivated, but not Wild at Heart. Perhaps it’s time I check that out.
    I’ll be intentional about finding time for an adventure. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • melissa

      Time connecting with your husband is all the more important when parenting a child impacted by trauma! Parenting can be stressful, overwhelming, and all-consuming! It’s amazing how a small adventure with your favorite person in life can be refreshing and connecting! God bless!

  3. What a fun idea, to go on regular adventures with your spouse, to make life more interesting. We recently took a trip to Guatemala to see the country where I grew up as a missionary kid, and our adventure caused our hearts to be woven together in ways that staying at home would have never evoked. My husband found out interesting things about me he never knew because of the adventure.

    • melissa

      What a wonderful time together! I’m sure it will be something you remember and share for a lifetime! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! God Bless!

  4. I have always wanted to try geocaching, especially as I’m already into camping/hiking/backpacking, but I haven’t tried it because I try to go technology free when I’m out in nature (cell phone packed in case of emergency but mercifully turned off). You’ve inspired me to give it a shot anyways and take advantage of the cooling temperatures this time of year to try something new outdoors!

    • melissa

      I love hiking with my husband! It’s so wonderful to be out in God’s country with my favorite person in this world! I’m glad you found some adventure to share with your husband! God Bless!

  5. My husband and I adventured a lot pre-baby era. Now we have two under 4 and our biggest adventure is getting through the day without poop on our hands. 😉 We don’t have family in town for date nights and babysitters are out of our budget for the time being. We need to figure out a way to implement even a small bit of this back into our lives. <3

    • melissa

      When our two kids were little (We had two under 3 so I get it!) we tried to bring the adventure to us! We would order-in from a restaurant we had never tried or attempted to cook some different cultural cuisine. We would add some music from the area for added effect! I hope you can find something to stay connected during the difficult toddler years! God bless!

    • melissa

      Sometimes part of the fun of adventures is planning them! I hope you have one on the schedule soon! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! God bless!

  6. My husband and I have undergone marriage counseling and workshops before, so I can agree that date-nights are so important. Even as a mom, I have learned to appreciate time to just be silly as an adult, with and without my kiddo, which is very healing to the soul! Thanks for sharing what I think so many marriages are quick to place on the back burner!

    • melissa

      Oh it is so healing to the soul! Just the other day, my husband was wrestling with the kids and and I added myself to the match. It was so much fun! Actively participating and seeking out “fun” is so beneficial! God Bless!

  7. Oh, yes! Adventures for husbands and wives are a wonderful way to build connection!

    Our latest adventure is traveling and living in our RV full time. We dreamt of it before we married (33 years ago) and still have the letters where we wrote to each other about our ideas. It’s been a desire during our married life that had to wait till the kids were grown, but it happened.

    I can also attest to your point about leaving the children for a bit to have adventures with just the two of you – husband and wife! We’ve been asking our adult children if they ever felt bad because we did this all their growing up years, and they’ve assured us that it didn’t impact them negatively at all. Rather, they were/are thrilled to have memories of “alone” times with their grandparents, and the trusted friends we left them with.

    What delights us now is that our adult son and daughter-in-love (married 7 years) are taking time to adventure together. They’ll leave the grandboy with us (we’re kinda tethered to where they live because of that little boy) and we’re all thrilled! 😉

  8. My husband is my full time carer as I’m physically disabled but we create special moments every day at home. Morning tea in the garden, watching a favourite show together, reading together etc.
    Our crazy adventures are when I’m feeling well enough to get out to a local cafe with him. We both relish it. It’s a massive effort but we get such a sense of achievement. It’s all relative isn’t it depending on life’s circumstances.
    Love your post xx

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